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Enter the next level with GBC!

GBC Gold Backed Coin Image Being the world's first virtual coin fully backed by physical gold, GBC (Gold Backed Coin) is a revolutionary innovation in the young field of cryptocurrencies.

Backing by physical gold constitutes the crucial advantage for the holder of GBC: While the market price is not limited upwards, the issuer guarantees for GBC stability downwards. This is done by the commitment to intervene, if necessary, in order to keep the price above the gold backed value. Thus, GBC provides a high level of security and opportunity at the same time.

GBC Factbox
Book Building:   08/29/2014 - 09/01/2014
Backed Value:  1/10 ounce of gold / coin
Gold Backed Coins are issued during book buildings, permitting any investor to hand in individual orders for the coin. As GBC are tradable on the free market, the buyer enters the advantages of the Ripple network: By using it, Gold Backed Coins can easily be sent across the globe and traded against any other currency available.

Hand in your order to get your own Gold Backed Coins and join the experience of a growing community! Our next book building is taking place from August 29, 2014 15:00 (CET) to September 1, 2014 15:00 (CET).

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